Begin the process of change - Dr Annahita Nezami providing counselling and psychotherapy


Counselling / Psychotherapy in Hampton and Kingston

“I have had a history of depression and tried many ways of dealing with it (some more successful than others). This was the first time I had tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and I was not sure what to expect. Dr Annahita has a calm relaxing manner which made for productive sessions. However, she was not afraid to push me and dig deeper to get the bottom of an issue without giving being intrusive or triggering negative thoughts. I always felt comfortable engaging in a dialogue and challenging her whenever we disagreed (which didn’t happen often!). Through the process of the sessions I became more able to identify and manage my feelings, something that I have always had problems with. I also realised how much of my behaviours and thought patterns are related to experiences in my childhood. Understanding how and why I have certain negative thought patterns has helped me to manage them much better. Dr Annahita also helped me to identify anxiety as a cause of many of my symptoms which helped to develop the right coping mechanisms. I feel I am now equipped with a much greater set of tools for the next time that depression looms on the horizon. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Annahita to anyone suffering from the debilitating effects of depression and/or anxiety”

“I had some session with Dr Annahita Nezami and found it extremely helpful. I was reluctant about going and she made me feel extremely comfortable, asked insightful questions and really helped my family and I. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone, she’s a delight.